Each of our doctors have different fee structures. Patients are encouraged to contact reception regarding the expected fee for their appointment.

Some of our doctors offer reduced fees for pension and healthcare card holders, so please advise patients to notify reception staff if they may be eligible for a concession when they ring to schedule their appointment. They will be required to bring their concession card on the day of their appointment.

All accounts are payable on the day of service. EFTPOS and credit card facilities are available. We do not accept American Express™.

Nerve Conduction Studies

Medicare rebates for nerve conduction studies do not account for the complexity or time taken to do a study. A simple nerve conduction study (20 minutes) attracts the same rebate as a complex EMG (60 minutes). Therefore, in the private setting our nerve conduction and electromyography (EMG) tests are charged according to the complexity of the study and do attract a gap payment. Your patients are encouraged to contact the reception staff to enquire about their fees and available Medicare rebates.

Please note that pensioners and healthcare card holders are eligible for a concession rate. This is a flat fee of $243.45 ($50 gap) regardless of the study complexity or duration. Please ensure your patient knows to bring their concession card to their appointment if they are eligible for this fee reduction. If you have a patient experiencing financial hardship, they are invited to discuss payment options with our reception staff prior to their appointment.

Current Fee Estimates for Dr J. Hafner*
Updated 31st July 2019**

  • Simple NCS (20 min) (e.g. carpal tunnel study) - $288.45 ($95 gap)

  • Standard NCS (30 min) (e.g. peripheral neuropathy) - $298.45 ($105 gap)

  • Complex NCS +/- EMG (45-60 min) (e.g. radiculopathy, plexopathy, anterior horn cell disease) - $318.45 ($125 gap)

All Dr Hafner's NCS and EMG studies include a brief clinical assessment prior to the study. An in-depth clinical assessment may be required for particularly complex cases, especially where a specific clinical opinion is sought in addition to the study results. These consults may attract an additional bulk billed neurology consultation fee.

Patients will be required to pay their account in full on the day of the test. They are then able to claim a rebate from Medicare. Most health funds do not provide any rebate for nerve conduction studies.

All NCS and EMG tests conducted at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital by Dr Martin Robinson and Dr Grant Purdie are bulk billed.

* These are estimates only as occasionally a patient referred for an apparently standard study will require additional testing after clinical review at the time of the test. Where possible this will not incur additional charges, though if it requires a great deal of additional time (e.g. 60 min instead of 20 min) then additional fees will apply. The patient will be advised at the time of the testing prior to additional fees being incurred.

**We endeavour to keep these figures up-to-date. These fees are current as of 31 July 2019. Your patients are, however, always advised to contact our reception staff for current fee estimates for these services. The fees displayed on this page are not guaranteed. 

Please contact reception staff if you require information on fees for botulinum toxin treatment.

Botulinum Toxin Treatment


If you are referring a patient for an appointment, test or treatment that will be paid for by WorkCover, they will need to provide their claim details and written documentation confirming their eligibility for funding for their appointment prior to the consultation, test or treatment taking place. They should also advise the reception staff when making their appointment so they can receive relevant information on meeting these requirements.

If your patient is unable to provide this documentation, they will be required to pay the full amount on the day as a private patient.

Please contact reception staff if you need further information referring a patient for a WorkCover related appointment.